I can hear death calling me but I say nothing. I’m tired. Tired of banging my now-bruised hands against the walls of the box that constrain me. Tired of not being able to move or see. My screams for help have gone unheard. Hope and sanity have left with the feeling in my body and mind.

I have no concept of time. Day or night, it’s all the same. A darkness and an evil coldness that numb my existence.

Death’s voices sound closer than ever. My time has come. I start to float deeper away, my mind no longer present.

A warm breeze brushes my arms. I open my eyes to a delightful brightness. The ground beneath me is no longer hard and unforgiving. The soft prickles of grass gently tickle my back and joy sweeps over me. I am free! I carefully sit up to find myself in some kind of garden.

“Are you ready to come home, Katie?” A strange but beautiful voice asks, startling me. I am lost for words as I stare at the voice’s angelic face. Speechless, I nod. As gravity pulls me down my heart thumps furiously.

I gasp for air when my body hits the ground.

“She’s breathing!” shouts the voice next to me. “Katie! Katie, can you hear us?”

My eyes pop open. I’m surrounded by strangers telling me that everything will be okay. I turn my head to see a pile of dirt and coffin beside me and I let out a whimper of relief. 

My predator failed to box me in

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  1. Um, pretty intense post Astrid. U ok 😉

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