Are big, lounge speakers really necessary in a small condo?

Warning: this is a rant.

When I lived in the heart of downtown Toronto, there was condo construction across from us and being in the heart of downtown, there was a lot of noise – cars, sirens, banging – you name it. None of it bothered me. I was able to tune all the noise and sleep right through them.

Now in a different neighbourhood, I have a neighbour who plays music with a lot of bass in it. The bass drives me absolutely crazy. It vibrates though the walls and floors and his living room is next to our bedroom.

We chatted about this trying to find a solution. He agrees that the bass is quite loud in our unit, even with the bass option turned down. The problem he can’t seem to grasp is not the volume of the music but it’s his crazy speakers. This guy has speakers meant for a lounge or small club and he lives in a 600 sq. ft. condo. I mean, seriously, do you need speakers like that in a small condo?

We have a home entertainment system from when we lived in a house and guess what, we don’t need it in the condo. So the subwoofer is always off. I mean, with a 2 ft. space between us and the tv, a sub is not necessary.

So what is this guy thinking with big-ass speakers? Why oh why does he feel the need to use those speakers to play his music? They’re very bass heavy. Our other neighbours on the other side also plays loud music. But at least I can hear the music, not just the bass. All I hear all day long with this guy is bass, bass, bass. It gets irritating. And I used to love drum and bass.

What’s even worse is that being a new mom, I need to sleep whenever the opportunity arises. And guess what? I can’t sleep when the bass vibrates inside my head!

Sigh…I wish he would move out. I’m tired, sleep deprived and cranky. I should be sleeping right now since baby is napping. But can I sleep? Noooo, thanks to my neighbour.

Any takers to go in his condo and destroy those speakers with a hammer?

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