Around the World

What I love about travelling the most is that it humbles me. It reminds me of the luxuries we have in Canada, of all the things we easily take for granted. It reminds me that I am blessed and that I have absolutely no right to complain.When things start to feel gray at home or at work, travelling refreshes me by giving me a different perspective of life.

Whether we’re vegging on the beach doing absolutely nothing all day but get a tan, drink Pina Coladas and swim in the Caribbean blue ocean, or riding a horse up the mountains of Costa Rica, or walking for nine hours to the Prague Castle, being away from home recharges my inner spirit. It reminds me that although life can sometimes feel ugly, it isn’t. Life is beautiful and what makes life appear ugly at times are the external factors in our lives. Factors that we feel are out of our control.

As much as I love venturing into the world and being on the go, I also love being home. Home is where the heart is. Home is where I am happiest – with my hubby and kitties. Home is my safe haven. For me, it’s about having a good balance in every aspect of my life.

Check out my travel tales in the “Travel & Life Experiences” category of my blog and join me as I slowly make my way around the world.




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