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Stop asking me if my baby is sleeping through the night

Above the High Tide

If I read another article or hear another mom say that Averie, at almost 5 months, should start sleeping through the night, I’m going to break something.

As a newborn, I considered her a good sleeper. Sure, she woke every 3 hours for feeding, but what newborn doesn’t? Yes I know, the odd ones here and there, whose moms are super lucky to not know what true sleep deprivation is. Well I’m not one of those lucky moms. But as I read once, embrace the sleep deprivation before it kills you. So I did and got used to the middle of the night feeds. Somewhat anyway. For the most part she was predictable and I appreciated that predictability.

Things started to change when she turned 3 months. Night time became unpredictable. Some nights she would sleep through, waking just to feed. Some nights she would stay up after nursing. Other…

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