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You know you’re a ‘valued’ Rogers customer when…

From Pintrest - this is what the Rogers customer service rep is thinking...

Thinking of switching to Rogers? Are you sure you really want to be one of their valued customers?

I found the above image from Pintrest and I think it describes the attitude of Rogers’ customer service reps quite accurately. Hubby and I’ve had our cell phone service with Rogers for over 15 years and having longevity with them means we’re truly valued by them.

Here’s what it’s like to be a valued Rogers customer:

  1. After you negotiate or “re-negotiate” your plan with them, your next 4-5 bills after will be completely screwed up.
  2. When you call customer service to resolve your billing issue, you end up talking to at least 3 people (sometimes as many as 6) in one day.
  3. You have to take a day off to talk to customer service at Rogers because guaranteed you’ll be on the phone with them for hours, and you end up wasting your day because your issue is still not resolved by the end of it all.
  4. When you call to resolve your billing issue, no one ever believes you because the reps never actually record your conversations in their notepad, so the answer is always, “I don’t see that in the notes”. When you ask them to pull the voice recording they refuse to do so.
  5. Quotes are always inconsistent between all the different reps and managers you talk to. And when you try to tell them about a quote that you got, you go back to #4.
  6. You get charged for services you never signed up for. And then they give you a hard time for “cancelling” when there should have been nothing to “cancel” in the first place.
  7. After you get off the phone with them you feel completely defeated and your issue is still not resolved. Your anger is masked by total exhaustion.
  8. You’re tempted to pay the $500 penalty just so you can get rid of them. But then again, $500 is a lot of money and are you seriously going to let Rogers run off with your money?
  9. You’re not sure why anyone would go to the “Ted Rogers School of Business” just so they can learn how to provide horrible customer service.
  10. Every time you hear the word “Rogers” you get anxiety.

I know there’s probably about 2% of the population who have never experienced what it’s like to be a valued Rogers customer and for that, they are very lucky. Unfortunately we’re not in that 2%.

If you’re wondering why we’re still with Rogers – well, it’s like having a monkey on your back. Monkeys are cute until they steal something from you. As for us, we fell for Rogers’ feigned “niceness” once again. And now we are back to #1. It’s a vicious cycle.

Such is the life of a valued Rogers customer…

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