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Reliving Amsterdam

As the 6 of us (plus 1) gathered around a picnic table at CNE, we started reminiscing about our trip to Europe in 2008, a trip that changed my perspective on life. What started this reminiscence was the new food truck at CNE called Dutch Frites.

The owner of this new player in town is an old friend of mine from high school. Although we haven’t spoken for many years, he is on my Facebook friends list, and so from time to time, we “like” and “comment” on each other’s posts and photos.

One day as I was checking out everyone’s updates, I saw his post promoting his food truck, Dutch Frites, and their debut at CNE this year. When we were in Amsterdam, we lived off Dutch fries and Wok to Walk, and so I was excited to learn that we can now get Dutch fries and kroket right here in Toronto.

So off hubby, our friends and I went to CNE to check out Dutch Frites and they did not disappoint. The only difference? We weren’t in Amsterdam. But it was nice to get a taste of it, even just for a moment. And it did bring us down a wonderful memory lane as we sat outside enjoying our Dutch snacks.

If you’ve never tried Dutch fries, you really should. When you think about it, it’s a simple concept. Fries and mayo. But for some reason, eating and dipping fries in mayo is just not the same as eating it out of a cone. Plus, Dutch Frites offers a variety of sauces in addition to regular mayo, such as garlic mayo, avocado mayo, curry ketchup, sate peanut sauce, sweet and sour and armageddon. And don’t forget the kroket and the stroopwafels!

What are you waiting for? Go to CNE and check it out!

As for us, reliving Amsterdam with our friends was a perfect way to spend the evening after a hard day of work.


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