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Coco got violated

Poor Coco. She didn’t do anything wrong. If anything, I did. I’m just not sure what.

Coco is 9 years old but she looks great for her age. She takes me from point A to point B and she runs as smooth as butter. Coco is an Acura 1.7EL and she’s sexy.

As usual, I left her on the street just outside of my work’s parking lot. She waited patiently for 8 hours until I was done. When I came out, my heart dropped. It looked like a group of birds decided to use Coco as a party venue. They partied hard, leaving a huge mess everywhere on her. It wasn’t just one or two droppings on her hood. There were splatters of evidence all over the roof, trunk, both sides of the body, windshield, rear window and side windows. They were everywhere!

I looked at the other cars who were parked around me, in front and behind. Not a drop on them. Hmm, what a strange predicament. Did I do something to the birds? Did I run over a baby birdie accidentally? I hope not. The thought of having done that sickens me. But I must have done something to those birds. Coco certainly didn’t. She’s innocent, that much I know.

Well I wasn’t planning on taking her for a wash until winter is over but I could not let Coco drive around all winter looking like she had just gotten violated. Poor Coco. What would all her car friends think?

So yesterday I took her for a car wash at the Auto Salon across from where I work. The guy did a great job. She was hand washed and hand dried in about 10 minutes. And she looks like new again! I feel better now and I’m sure she feels great too .

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