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Yes! I finally killed those two pesky fruit flies!

I know, this blog title makes me sound like a horrible person who likes to kill insects. The truth is, I don’t. But I have had these two fruit flies flying around my kitchen for an entire week, and they were driving me and my cat Puzzle absolutely crazy.

Whenever I get fruit flies in my home, I always ask the same question: “Where do fruit flies come from?” Since I only have them when I have bananas out on my counter, I can only come up with one conclusion (disclaimer: I never said it was a smart conclusion): that fruit flies come from bananas. But how?

Apparently, according to google, these little tiny guys can smell over-ripened fruits from miles away and get in through the tiniest crevices. They’re attracted to the alcohol produced from rotten fruits. But wait a second, my bananas weren’t rotten. They were just super ripe! *Shrug* One of life’s mysteries…

In any case, these two fruit flies had been in my kitchen for a week. Both Puzzle and I have tried endlessly to smack them dead, with very little success. I just don’t understand how these things can be soooo slow, they seem to just hover or float through air, but yet, we have a hard time catching them. Puzzle can catch just about anything. She can even catch her toy mouse in mid-air. But yet, she couldn’t get to the fruit flies, which of course, drove her into mad obsession.

Here’s a picture of her sitting on the counter, completely alert and aware of the fruit flies mocking her, ready to pounce when the time comes…but with not much success :(.


So, I was going to title my blog, “Where do fruit flies come from?”, but since I finally killed those fruit flies just before I opened my laptop, I changed the title. Yes, I’m being smug. I feel like a little kid who just discovered how to put on his own socks. The truth is, I think these fruit flies were tired and reaching the end of their life expectancy anyway. One of them sat on the edge of my garbage can and didn’t fly away when I came close, it only moved a mere half millimetre away. The other one was flying ever so slowly very close to me, and when my hands went in closer to smack it, it just hovered in the same spot. I think they wanted me to kill them. Since I finally finished my over-rippened bananas and replaced them with green ones, I think they were low on energy. They were done.

But forget all that. Let’s just pretend that after a week of obsessing over them, my fruit fly killing skills are finally in high gear. Let me feel triumphant and bask in my glory!

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