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Oh how I love conferences

Of course I’d rather be at a conference than at work. I just love conferences. The PowerPoint presentation slides are packed with important information, the speakers are so engaging, the presentations are alive and the exhibits are fun! Why would anyone pick work over a day like that?

The speakers are always so great. They don’t tell jokes or stories. They don’t integrate any multimedia. They talk with the same tone throughout the entire presentation. Oh, these “professional” speakers are just lovely! I just enjoy listening to them yap all day.

You know they’re doing a wonderful job when I have this uncontrollable urge to slouch on my seat, put my sunglasses on and close my eyes.

Even the exhibits are usually super entertaining. You know, with all their brochures on their tables, luggage tags giveaways and charming sales people, who could resist from stopping at every single booth?

Yes, I love conferences. Oh how I can’t wait to attend the next one!


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