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The quest for the perfect Jimmy Choo sunglasses


I was in New York last month and came across the Jimmy Choo Chirss sunglasses in beige. I didn’t want to buy them then for reasons I can’t divulge. But after searching endlessly for this back in Toronto, I now regret not buying them when I had the chance. But how was I to know that it would be this difficult to find these beautiful seemingly one of a kind sunglasses?

Now if you know me, it’s not easy for me to find sunglasses that would fit my small face and flat Asian nose. So imagine how giddy I got when I tried these on, and unexpectedly fell in love with the way they framed my face. And the colour? Oh the colour just illuminated my skin to perfection!

So now I am on a quest to find them. I’ll be in Vegas in a couple of weeks for my friend’s stagette and finding these Jimmy Choos when I’m there is my shopping priority. If I can’t find them there, then I’m stumped. Back to NYC perhaps?

Jimmy Choo, why oh why do you make yourself so scarce?

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